We've taken liberation to a new level for the perfect date experience!

Our Winning Couples escape game is specifically designed for one or two couples. Getting out is an exciting challenge for you, no matter how long you've been together.

We can promise you that it will not be an exhilarating, sentimental journey, but rather an adrenaline rush as you are set tasks to solve together within the time limit.

All we can tell you is that effective cooperation and harmony will be key, and in addition to an unforgettable gaming experience, you'll also get to bond and learn about each other's hidden sides.


The best next-generation escape rooms in Budapest with impressive visuals and ingenious puzzles.

What awaits you in our escape empire?

  • Dazzling visuals adapted to the theme

    In our case, the theme embraces the playing field: it shapes the atmosphere of the rooms, weaves the story threads and is also mapped at the level of the visual experience. Story-related décor and stunning backdrops help set the mood from the start and draw you into an exciting world.

  • Intellectually challenging tasks

    Our escape rooms will not only stimulate your visual receptors, but also your brain, because we know that stunning visuals are only half the battle: the game can't work without imaginative challenges. They transcend the dimension of lock-picking missions with keys and numbers, and take you into an unconventional, free-spirited playground where you can experience something special.

  • Exciting and entertaining storytelling

    Finally, you can experience your favourite stories not only from the outside, but also from the inside, as the main characters! In our themed rooms, you will have the unique opportunity to become part of a fascinating story and incredible adventures, just like your heroes.

  • A new generation experience of escape

    Our escape game meets the most modern requirements: our escape rooms offer an exclusive environment, lock-free challenges, luxurious design, unexpected and funny solutions and unforgettable experiences. We've enlisted professional help to design the tracks, using state-of-the-art tools: safety electronics and 3D printing technology. We have entrusted the design of the scenery and the sets to the imagination of renowned artists.

Romantika a páros szabaduló szobánkban

Freedom has a price

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Az, hogy hányan vágtok neki a különféle vicces, félelmetes, romantikus, de mindenképp izgalmas kalandoknak, nagyban befolyásolja a költségeket is. Az alábbi listából pontosan megtudhatjátok, mennyibe kerül a kijutós játék élménye, ha kettesben igyekeztek megoldani a feladatokat, vagy esetleg egy mókás csapatépítő játék keretében vagytok a vendégeink. Az egyes menekülő szobák izgalmaiban 2-10 főnek lehet része, és a résztvevők számának függvényében alakulnak az egy főre lebontott árak. Bármilyen kérdés merülne fel, lépjetek velünk kapcsolatba!


We are also open to hearing your unique ideas and concepts, and we will do our best to help you make them a reality.

Once the team is formed, don't hesitate - come and try our free-to-play game, which offers fantastic adventures and unmissable experiences!

Look inside the room!

We would like to inform our visitors and guests that our company is in no way affiliated with any film production company and operates separately and independently from them.

Az ajándékutalvány a vásárlástól számított 1 éven belül használható fel. Az ajándékutalványok kiküldési ideje 1-2 munkanap.