Our escape rooms


Our latest adventure game takes our adventurers into the world of Jumanji. You'll become the protagonist of this gripping story.

The Magic School 2.

You will be plunged into a vast magical world where you will have to test your logic and magic skills in several locations.

Magic School

You are in a legendary story, and you too must become a wizard or a witch if you want to escape

Winning couples

The winner couples escape room was built specifically for one or two couples.

Star Wars

You will have one hour to find the Temple of Power planet with the Millennium Falcon...

Horror Castle

As a notorious demon hunter, you are charged by the Count to reclaim his castle by defeating demons and monsters.


You'll also find a funny story that will give you lots of laughs......


As part of your promise to Poseidon, you have a great mission to complete.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Map hunting, treasure hunting - everything a real pirate needs to know.

Magic School - The Principal's secret

Magic and Mystery for the ultimate adventure experience!


If you're looking to escape from the everyday hustle for a few hours and leave the woes of Muggle life behind, you couldn't ask for a more fabulous activity. You've got all the magic spells by heart, don't you?

  • MagicRooms escape rooms

    Amazing interiors, special adventures. Forget everything you ever knew about escape games - our next generation escape rooms feature artistically designed sets, gripping stories and exciting puzzles that demand real creativity! Be the protagonist of the adventure!

  • Tasks fitting the theme

    We have not only the scenery, but also all the furnishings and the tasks to be solved to match the theme of the room, so you can get fully involved in the adventure.

  • The latest technological solutions

    To create our escape rooms, we hired specialists who used safety electrical devices and state-of-the-art solutions (e.g. 3D printing technology). Thanks to this, you're guaranteed to be taken by surprise by the puzzles you'll face - we never use cheap tricks.