Our latest escape game represents the highest standards in both technical innovation and visuals. Our Horror Escape Room offers completely unique challenges and stunning visuals for lovers of the horror genre. In Horror Castle, you will be the protagonist of a gripping story full of twists and turns. The scenery, the tools and the uniquely designed challenges will transport you to a world that has only existed in movies and your imagination. As a notorious demon hunter, you are tasked by the Count to reclaim his castle by defeating demons and monsters. Experienced as you are, even you cannot be prepared for what awaits you in the castle...

If you've been sucked in by the spectacle of Az and horror movies on the big screen, our latest horror escape room is the escape game for you. Give it a try and have an unforgettable experience together!

  • Eerily lifelike, visceral visuals

    One of the keys to the effectiveness of our horror escape room is the sophisticated design and the use of equipment and tools that fit the story. This means that as soon as you step inside, you'll be captivated by the atmosphere and thrilled to the core.

  • Exciting, fun challenges

    If you come to relax with us, you're guaranteed to be challenged with interesting tasks. Our new generation of horror castle puzzles have been individually developed, so they go far beyond the usual patterns and familiar templates. So even if you're new to the world of escape room games, you'll still have a blast.

  • Amazing stories

    Beyond the visuals and the challenges, it's the brilliant storytelling that gives the game its momentum. You won't just be solving tasks, you'll be enjoying a complex experience. You'll be an outsider, but you'll quickly become an integral part of the story - giving you that extra something that will put you in the middle of an unforgettable adventure, an exciting mission.

  • Next generation playground

    Our worlds, brought to life by professional technicians, set designers and artists, are also of the highest quality in terms of security. The electronics used in the game are reliable and sophisticated, and the techniques used to create the challenges - including 3D printing - are fully in line with 21st century needs and expectations.


We're proud to say that the playground we've imagined and created is unrivalled in the genre. That's because there's only one thing more important to us than standards and quality: the enjoyment of our guests. We have everything you need to create an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for months to come. Whether you're looking for a venue for a birthday party with friends or a fun team-building game, Magis Rooms Escape Empire is the perfect choice.

Horror szabadulószoba

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Az, hogy hányan vágtok neki a különféle vicces, félelmetes, romantikus, de mindenképp izgalmas kalandoknak, nagyban befolyásolja a költségeket is. Az alábbi listából pontosan megtudhatjátok, mennyibe kerül a kijutós játék élménye, ha kettesben igyekeztek megoldani a feladatokat, vagy esetleg egy mókás csapatépítő játék keretében vagytok a vendégeink. Az egyes menekülő szobák izgalmaiban 2-10 főnek lehet része, és a résztvevők számának függvényében alakulnak az egy főre lebontott árak. Bármilyen kérdés merülne fel, lépjetek velünk kapcsolatba!

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Az ajándékutalvány a vásárlástól számított 1 éven belül használható fel. Az ajándékutalványok kiküldési ideje 1-2 munkanap.