Escape and adventure game

Until you get the Jaguar's eyes back,
the threat to Jumanji won’t go away.
The mission is difficult, the jungle is dangerous,
but once you started, you must finish it.
If you manage to find the jewel,
place it back and shout JUMANJI!

Our latest adventure game takes our adventurers into the world of Jumanji. In a stunningly spectacular setting, you'll become the protagonist of this gripping story.

As you adventure through stunning locations, you'll of course only encounter cinematic spectacular challenges, without keys or locks. Try the latest generation of escape rooms, which are no longer escape rooms, rather real adventure games.


In our escape rooms, we've really made everything thematic: not only the set elements, but also the puzzles to solve fit into the story, so you can get totally immersed in the game and feel like you're in the middle of a thrilling movie or adventure novel.

  • MagicRooms escape rooms

    Amazing interiors, special adventures. Forget everything you ever knew about escape games - our next generation escape rooms feature artistically designed sets, gripping stories and exciting puzzles that demand real creativity! Be the protagonist of the adventure!

  • Tasks fitting the theme

    We have not only the scenery, but also all the furnishings and the tasks to be solved to match the theme of the room, so you can get fully involved in the adventure.

  • The latest technological solutions

    To create our escape rooms, we hired specialists who used safety electrical devices and state-of-the-art solutions (e.g. 3D printing technology). Thanks to this, you're guaranteed to be taken by surprise by the puzzles you'll face - we never use cheap tricks.

Részlet a Jumanji szabadulószobából

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The question how many of you go on a variety of funny, scary, romantic, but definitely exciting adventures has a great impact on the cost. Check out the list below to find out exactly how much your getaway experience will cost if you're trying to complete the tasks on your own, or if you're our guests in a fun team-building game. You can also find out important information about payment methods. 2-10 people may enjoy the adventures of each escape room and the price per person depends on the number of participants. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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